[PyQt] Uppercase QLineEdit

Mads Ipsen mpi at comxnet.dk
Mon Jan 25 16:48:44 GMT 2010


I need to construct a QLineEdit that displays everything in upper-case. 
In native Qt this can be done via a QValidator using something along the 

      pqUpcaseValidator::pqUpcaseValidator( QWidget* Parent, const char* 
Name )
      : QValidator( Parent, Name )

      QValidator::State pqUpcaseValidator::validate( QString& Text , 
int& Pos ) const
      Text = Text.upper();
      return Acceptable;

but how do I do something similar in PyQt, where it's not obvious how 
you handle strings by reference and also have limited support for 
modifying strings in-place?Uppercase

Any help/directions are welcome.

Best, Mads

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