[PyQt] project question

Cucu Cristian cuciferus at gmail.com
Sun Jan 24 14:54:31 GMT 2010

Hi list,
I made a pyqt script to allow users to input some data 
in some dialogs, and I stored those in an sqlite file. At 
first this was only on one computer and it was ok. But 
now I need this project on more computers, and I got 
stuck at getting the database accesible for all. I tried 
mysql and it worked fine on my linux system, but at 
work I have only windows, my collegues also, and as far 
as I've seen pyqt has no mysql support on windows. I 
tried saving the sqlite.db to a remote, freehostingftp 
server, but I can't get the binary transport to work. 
How should I solve this? Use a different sql protocol? 
Emailing the db to me doesn't do much good since it 
might exceed the attachement size limit.

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