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I know it's odd. What we can do is waiting for his new release for 4.7, you
can check out his change log below, it seems at least, he is doing the job
on creating a windows installer.


2010/1/19 <tomthemighty at googlemail.com>

> That is extremely odd. What has the release of 4.7 got to do with the
> binary packages for 4.6? And if 4.6 has been retired, why wasn't there any
> announcement? And even if it has been retired, why suddenly make it so the
> package is no longer available - it's still useful even if it isn't
> 'officially supported'? And if access to the download is going to be cut
> off, why do it before there is a replacement package available? Etc, etc...
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> I have the same question, and post a mail to the author of PyQt directly,
> and what I get is that 4.7 is not ready, and he will announce that if it's
> ready. And he did not answer my question about why PyQt 4.6 was removed from
> the page. Just say PyQt 4.4 is the only supported by official for now.
> 2010/1/19 <tomthemighty at googlemail.com>
>> Somebody asked this yesterday, but I'm not sure the question was fully
>> understood. The download page no longer has any windows binary packages
>> except for pyqt 4.4 for python 2.5. It used to have several packages,
>> including pyqt 4.6 for python 2.6, which I need to get hold of. I understand
>> that the new 4.7 release packages are not yet available, but it doesn't seem
>> right that the older packages have been removed. Does anybody know where I
>> can get the Windows binary package for pyqt 4.6 for python 2.6?
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