[PyQt] Proper Use of QProgressBar

Russell Valentine russ at coldstonelabs.org
Fri Jan 15 08:15:42 GMT 2010

Yep the dosomething in a new thread with signals to update the 
progressbar. You can do it without a thread but the gui won't update 
while the work is being done. You should play with it using sleep for 
the dosomething part.

AON LAZIO wrote:
> Hi,
>     How u guys use QProgressBar to properly display a running process?
>     For example , if I has this line
>     outinput = dosomething(input)
>     And it take > 10 mins to complete but I do not know the exact time it
> takes .
>    I mean do I have to embed QProgressBar in the dosometing() function? Or
> should I use QThread.
>    What are your experienced solutions?
>    Thanks

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