[PyQt] Different Behavior between Python 2.6 and Python 3.1.1

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I think you are right, but how can I achieve the same functionality with Python 3.1.1, as I do with Python 2.6? (i.e., left(5).toUpper()) for the "str" that's returned by Python 3.1.1? 

I looked at "[0:0<5]".format(self.ui.txtText.text())" and that seemed to work, although it didn't implement the "toUpper() feature and I really need a solution that will do so. I also have another string from a QLineEdit object that I want to convert to an integer value and I had written it as follows: 

numbering = self.ui.txtNumber.text().toInt() 

But this also fails with an error on Python 3.1.1, indicating that a "str" object has on attribute "toInt()". So, basically, I need to convert both of these to be compatible with Python 3.1.1 and I'm not sure how to do so. Any help will be appreciated. 


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I think .text() in Python 3.1 with PyQt4 is returning a python 'str' 
object, instead of a QString. Try and do type(self.ui.txtText.text()) 
and see what it returns. 

Richard Parker wrote: 
> I have the following statement in an application that runs fine with 
> Python 2.6 (and PyQt): 
> text = self.ui.txtText.text().left(5).toUpper() 
> In Python 3.1.1 (with PyQt), I get the following error for the first 
> statement: 
> " text = self.ui.txtText.text().left(5).toUpper() 
> AttributeError: 'str' object has no attribute 'left' " 
> The "ui.txtText.text" object is a QLineEdit object, whose 
> documentation indicates that its "text()" function returns a QString 
> object, whose documentatation states that the "left(self, n)" and 
> "toUpper() functions are supported. What has changed between Python 
> 2.6 and Python 3.1 that would account for this error? 
> Thanks. 
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