[PyQt] Support for relocated Qt installations.

Josh jknox at irobot.com
Mon Jan 11 20:43:25 GMT 2010

The build system on my project is similar in that I can build stuff in 
one place and install it wherever
I want. Relocating Qt caused me no end of headaches. All of the 
documented or suggested solutions
never seemed to work quite right.

I "solved" this problem by using the qpatch program, included with 
qt-creator. I believe it's what is
used to patch an official Qt binary install. ( you wont find much on it 
by googling, I found it by browsing
the Qt sources)

This "relocates" a Qt installation so that all of its hard-coded 
internal paths are correct. I was able to
include qpatch as a "tool" in our build system, to automate Qt installs 
and relocation as necessary.

PyQt ( and QT Creator) builds seamlessly against such a relocated Qt 
install; no qt.conf or other patching needed.

Patching in such a way does reek of a hack, but that's how Qt does it! ;)


Giulio Eulisse wrote:
> Dear all,
> the project I work for packages all of its software so that the build
> and installation path can be different. In order to make qt programs
> relocatable we use our own qt.conf that gets relocated at
> post-installation time with the correct installation path.
> This seems to confuse pyqt building, because the "qtdirs" program,
> used at build time by pyqt, does not use qt.conf, because no
> QCoreApplication is created.
> The attached patch fixes the problem. Do you think you could accept it
> upstream, so that we don't have to maintain the patch ourself?
> --
> Ciao,
> Giulio
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