[PyQt] multiple sound files in queue in phonon

Jan Haag haag498 at googlemail.com
Mon Jan 4 11:49:20 GMT 2010

Then the problem is most likely either with gstreamer (phonon's linux  
backend) or phonon on linux... You could try updating all of them and  
if that does not help file a bug report with the respective  
projects... Try narrowing it down by trying some gstreamer based  
player (totem?). This problem does not seem to be PyQt - related if  
Amarok has it, too... Or does anybody have yet another idea?


On 04.01.2010, at 10:33, Haarman <haarman at gmail.com> wrote:

> Amarok has the same problem. adding 3 short wav files only plays the
> first (and a small sound after playing the first). I used the sound
> files that come with psi to test it.

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