[PyQt] multiple sound files in queue in phonon

Jan Haag haag498 at googlemail.com
Sun Jan 3 19:14:39 GMT 2010

It works for me...
Could you post the last few lines before the exception is raised and  
the complete stacktrace?

BTW: What Python/PyQt/Qt/OS versions are you using?
	(I'm on Python 3.1.1/ PyQt 4.6.2 / Qt 4.6 / Mac OS 10.6)

For now, my best guess would be a minor difference in the way Python  
2.x and 3.x handle
the same code -- which, according to Python Projects website, is to be  
I should have mentioned that before, sorry.


On Jan 3, 2010, at 6:33 PM, Haarman wrote:

> Hi Jan,
> thx for your reply. I tried using your code but the
> lambda a, b: pass
> just gives a SyntaxError: invalid syntax
> So I tried creating an empty funcion and passed that to the connect
> but it gave me the same results. I think you made a typo or something?
> Please let me know cause if you figured out a way to solve it I really
> would like to know!
> Jordi

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