[PyQt] gtk.ListStore replacement in PyQt

praveen koduru prawin1111 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 17 09:59:25 GMT 2010

In my code I am using gtk.Liststore for for Storing the listitems. and later
to retrieve Listitems and their listItementries I am using the below.
liststore = gtk.Liststore( str, str, int, gtk.gdk.Pixbuf)

*For retrieving ListItems:*
  item = liststore.get_iter_first ()
  item = liststore.iter_next(item)

*And For retrieving ListItemEntries:*
  liststore.get_value(item, 1) for 1st ListItemEntry.

Now I want to implement the above using PyQt. Can any one suggest How to
implement that.
[["Alpha", "one", 1],
["Beta", "two, 2]
["gamma", "three", 3]]

For example Liststore is above, then
1st ListItem = ["Alpha", "one", 1]
1st ListItem & 1st ListItemEntry = "Alpha"

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