[PyQt] QFileDialog problem (native: fast but no input field; non-native: has input field but slow)

Bing Jian bing.jian at gmail.com
Thu Dec 16 16:19:55 GMT 2010


This seems a known problem but I have not found a good workaround. I
like the style of the non-native QFileDialog, especially the feature
that allows the user to input the path directly which is very
convenient since the user can easily copy/paste the folder/file name
from other applications. However, it seems very slow when the dialog
is first launched. The native option is quite responsive but the
problem is that it does not provide an input field so for the user to
select a folder he/she has to walk into the directory, which can take
many mouse clicks and is not fun. I am not sure if you have
experienced similar problem or if I miss something.

BTW, my PyQt version is 4.4.3


P.S. I have posted the same problem to stackoverflow

and hope someone here can help me out.

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