[PyQt] Problem with QFileSystemWatcher

Zoltan Szalai defaultdict at gmail.com
Thu Dec 16 15:31:19 GMT 2010

You can get rid of Qt messages by passing your custom message handler to 
at least I can use it succesfully to redirect them.


On 2010.12.13. 14:32, Hans-Peter Jansen wrote:
> On Monday 13 December 2010, 13:17:20 NARCISO, Rui wrote:
>> Thanks Pete for both suggestions.
>> However, redirecting the stderr to a file is a bit too much !!!
> Hehe, I told you so..
>> Having looked into the code, the message seems to originate from a
>> qDebug but I don't understand why that one gets shown ... and how to
>> disable it ...
> Since any sane distribution generates packages with debugging symbols
> enabled (in order to make these available seperately), this leads to
> enabling qDebug messages.
> Pete

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