[PyQt] Optimizing WebView display

alanm me at alandmoore.com
Mon Aug 30 22:09:46 BST 2010

I wrote a small browser in PyQT4 using QWebView, of course.  The browser runs 
well and does what I need, but when I deployed it to my thin clients, it was 
far to slow to use.

In fact, most modern browsers were; I had to settle on Epiphany because all 
the other browsers I tried were far to slow at showing or interacting with 
HTML controls (text inputs, drop-downs, etc).

I tried disabling all QT effects in the Trolltech.conf file, and various 
graphicssystem settings on Qapplication, but it's still slow.

Are there any other places where graphical effects can be toned down or 
optimized?  I still notice a bit of a fade-in effect on drop-downs even when 
all QT Gui effects are disabled, and this is rendering really badly on the 
thin clients (slow and lots of screen artifacts).

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