[PyQt] event filters vs subclassing

David Douard david.douard at logilab.fr
Wed Aug 25 07:53:56 BST 2010

> On Tue, Aug 3, 2010 at 2:27 PM, Dan Halbert <halbert at halwitz.org> wrote:
> The best solution would be if PyQt could be extended with a new
> installEventFilter method which also takes an optional list with event
> classes you are only interested in.

I strongly agree. I would be very helpful to have such python-specific 
"extensions" to Qt (thus not sticking to Qt bare API, which is something is 
already done with new style signal, IMO).

This "extension" being IMHO one of the most necessary. An other one would be 
to have the possibility to "filter" the QAbstractItemModel.data method, since 
the general case is to only be interested in implementing it for 

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