[PyQt] help: beforeUpdate QSqlRecord bus error

Baz Walter bazwal at ftml.net
Mon Aug 23 22:18:35 BST 2010

On 23/08/10 16:11, Scott Frankel wrote:
> Please excuse the re-post. I'm at a loss as to why executing a
> QSqlRecord object's count() or isEmpty() method results in a bus error
> crash. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

i'm probably not going to be able to help you myself, but in any case i 
think you need to supply more information. here's what i get when i run 
your test script and click 'commit':

[baz at localhost ~]$ python beforeUpdateTest.py
createData() ...
test() ... 0
count:  3
query:  SELECT "color_id", "name", "description" FROM color ORDER BY 
color."name" ASC

so, it appears to work fine for me with the following linux setup:

	python 2.6.5, qt 4.6.2, sip 4.10.3, pyqt 4.7.4

it might help if you posted details of your own setup, along with the 
exact output you get from running your test script.

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