[PyQt] Next PyQt, SIP and QScintilla Releases

Baz Walter bazwal at ftml.net
Sun Aug 22 15:51:12 BST 2010

On 22/08/10 09:56, Phil Thompson wrote:
> Development is finished on the next releases of PyQt, SIP and QScintilla,
> so testing your favorite application against current snapshots would be a
> good idea...

i'm seeing lots of "RuntimeError: underlying C/C++ object has been 
deleted" errors related to a subclass of QAction used for setting up 
application menus.

this is using: python 2.7, qt 4.6.2, sip 4.11-snapshot-7cff86d70dc7, 
pyqt snapshot-4.7.5-6ad3e35e67ac, qsci snapshot-2.4.5-80afe6b1504a.

i'm sorry i can't come up with any test cases at the moment, because the 
errors do not occur every time i run the application, and when they do 
occur, they affect completely different parts of the code. (nb: i have 
not edited the affected code in months).

any ideas what might be causing this, so that i can try to come up with 
some test cases?

unfortunately, i also haven't kept any of the recent snapshots, so i 
can't narrow the problem down that way either :(

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