[PyQt] QDockwidget advice needed

danny shevitz at lanl.gov
Wed Aug 18 21:10:19 BST 2010

FWIW, I do have Mark Summerfield's book and I agree it is brilliant.

However, he does not give an example of how to connect a dock window to a tree
item. His examples include how to keep two widgets synchronized, but that is not
my problem. The problem with the tree and dock window, is that the *object*
changes in the dock window and that is not covered. Every time I click on a
different tree node, do I need to dynamically connect the slots to synchronize
and delete the old slot bindings? Is it better stylistically to map at the item
level in the tree, or at the aggregate tree level? In other words do I hook up
slots to the leaves of the tree or the tree itself?


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