[PyQt] possible to change the central widget in a QMainWindow

Danny Shevitz shevitz at lanl.gov
Wed Aug 11 17:51:04 BST 2010



My app is a QMainWindow subclass with a central widget that is a bunch of
radio buttons. The radio button part is 

constructed on the fly from a template file. I would like the user to be
able to change this central widget by reloading

the template file used to construct it.


I am familiar with QMainWindow.setCentralWidget. What I am trying to do is
construct a second central widget

and call setCentralWidget a second time. The gui does not update to reflect
the change, although the underlying

data structures do. I tried, calling self.update() on the QMainWindow, but
this had no effect.


So, the question is simply, is there a way to change the central widget in a
QMainWindow. (Or is this poor

style, and there is a better design pattern?)




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