[PyQt] ImportError: no module name PyQt4 (Windows 7, 64 bit)

Hans-Peter Jansen hpj at urpla.net
Mon Aug 9 16:40:47 BST 2010

Hi John,

I've no idea, why you're dragging this thread into a private discussion. 
Helping others is always a community effort, and keeping it public allows 
others to keep in context... If you ask me, I prefer to receive anything 
via the list, and not a personal copy, but who's asking me?

On Monday 09 August 2010, 15:01:12 John McCabe wrote:
>   On 09/08/2010 12:44, Hans-Peter Jansen wrote:
> > On Monday 09 August 2010, 12:41:31 John McCabe wrote:
> >>    Hi
> >>
> >> I've just installed PyQt4 with SIP on my PC and I'm getting the error
> >> "ImportError: no module name PyQt4" when I try to run the qtdemo.pyw
> >> file in the examples folder (see below).
> >
> > Please define "installed".
> Fair point! Essentially I followed the suggestions at:
> http://blog.oak-tree.us/index.php/2009/05/12/pyqt-windows/comment-page-1#
> except that I already had Qt/MinGW installed so skipped that bit, and
> also extracted the zips in to c:\PyQt instead of within the Qt folder
> structure.
> >> My first thought was that my PYTHONPATH needed something adding to it,
> >> but I'm fairly new to python and wasn't sure what to put in. I tried
> >> adding the C:\Python24\Lib\site-packages folder, and the
> >> C:\Python24\Lib\site-packages\PyQt4 one, but that didn't help.
> >
> > If you're so new to Python, why do you use such an old Python?
> Well, i'm trying to get it going on a PC that already has Python 2.4
> installed and, as the PyQt website explicitly says it works with Python

Given that Python 2.4 predates Win7 by a fair bit, this looks strange, but 
anyway, it's your decision.

>  >= 2.3, I didn't see that as an issue.
>  >
> >> Any other suggestions would be gratefully received.
> >
> > It's hard to do, since your message is lacking all those gory
> > details... See, only due to your path presentation, we know, that you
> > must use some form of Windows derivate, might it be Win 3.11 or maybe
> > IBM OS/2 or even Atari TOS?
> Well, given that the subject line is:
> " [PyQt] ImportError: no module name PyQt4 (Windows 7, 64 bit)"
> I assumed it would be quite obvious what Windows derivative I'm using :-}

I missed that detail, sorry. Darren pointed out an important detail:
you might suffer from 32/64 bit issues. 

I suggest, you start over from the beginning: Note, that the article doesn't 
even mention 64 bit environments. Use the current versions of any part (you 
might resort to Python 2.6/2.7 rather than to 3.*), and try to check the 
outcome of each step.

Good luck,

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