[PyQt] Re: Phonon and currentSource Issues

Baz Walter bazwal at ftml.net
Wed Oct 28 18:52:49 GMT 2009

jonathan noble wrote:
> I've found PyQt + Phonon info to be very sparse on the internet. I figured
> out how to use it with the c++ Qt docs and I don't know c++ at all. To say I
> haven't Googled for info, for me, is very insulting because lord knows have
> I looked for __any__ good PyQt docs for a year.

i'm sorry you were offended by my little attempt at humour (didn't you
see my smiley?)

> Runnable code? I'm not sure how to extract the specific parts as my app is
> very big, at least for me. I'll see what I can do but putting a small bit of
> runnable code together seems pointless without context. My app is here
> http://github.com/regomodo/amaroq/tree/0.2 It'll probably seem very hackish
> because I don't know any good practices with PyQt.
> The lack of good doc's and Phonon being very iffy is starting to put me off
> PyQt and i'm seriously considering switching to something else.

yes. i'm no expert, but if i had to guess, i would say the bug (if it is
one) is most likely to be in Phonon, and not PyQt. i just had a google
for "phonon currentSourceChanged", and the third hit was this:


that bug is a couple of years old, but it seems to be very similar to
the problem you've raised. what version of Qt/Phonon are you using?

> Actually, i'm done with this. This is clearly going to go nowhere. I'm
> getting rid of Phonon and starting the migration to Pyside.

you may be right to get rid of Phonon. i havent't used it much myself,
but my initial impression was that it is very far from being the
finished article. if i was going to write a python multimedia app
myself, i would probably base it on gstreamer. it obviously has a much
steeper learning curve than Phonon, but that is because (at the moment)
it has much more to offer. if you're interested, there's some sample
code available on the PyQt Wiki, here:


finally, i have to say i think you would be making a big mistake trying
to switch from PyQt to PySide. i'm just a dumb user and have no real
stake in the matter, but i'm pretty confident that PyQt is going to
remain far superior to PySide for quite some time to come.

baz walter

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