[PyQt] Garbage collection, signals to partial functions

Martin Teichmann lkb.teichmann at gmail.com
Wed Oct 28 17:35:13 GMT 2009

Hi List,

I just connected a signal from one object "a" to a slot which
is a partial function, calling a method in another object "b".

That works fine, just when I don't need the objects anymore,
nothing is garbage collected. It seems that the reference
counter on the partial object is increased when connected,
as documented, but not decreased once object "a"

I tried it on windows, python 2.5.4 and PyQt4 4.6
and linux, Python 2.6.2, PyQt4 4.4, no difference.

The program following this mail illustrates the bug.


Martin Teichmann

---------------- snip ------------------------
import gc
from PyQt4 import QtCore
from weakref import ref
from functools import partial
import sys

class B(object):

class A(QtCore.QObject):
   def f(self, x):
       print x

# make 2 objects of A

o = B()
o.a = A()
o.b = A()

# connect a signal to a partial function
f = o.b.f
p = partial(f, 3)
o.a.connect(o.a, QtCore.SIGNAL("a"), p)
wf = ref(f)
wp = ref(p)
f = None
p = None

# kill all references
wa = ref(o.a)
wb = ref(o.b)
o.a = None
o.b = None

# but they're still here! (except wa)
# (line prints None, and then three objects)
print wa(), wb(), wp(), wf()

# OK, let's garbage collect

# still everything there
# (line prints None, and then three objects)
print wa(), wb(), wp(), wf()

# that's the bug: still one reference, but no referrer
# (the line prints 2 [], getrefcount always gives 1 to high)
print sys.getrefcount(wp()), gc.get_referrers(wp())

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