[PyQt] Re: Phonon and currentSource Issues

jonathan noble jonnobleuk at gmail.com
Tue Oct 27 22:17:30 GMT 2009

Anybody know where I could get some help/pointers online?



2009/10/26 jonathan noble <jonnobleuk at gmail.com>

> I should probably mention this only happens during continuous playback.
> When
> the mediaOject.aboutToFinish SIGNAL is called, I enqueue a track.
> If I stop() the playback, clear() mediaObject then setCurrentSource() there
> is
> no issue, but that is very inconvenient.
> Note: this may be a dupe, sorry if so.
> 2009/10/26 Jonathan Noble <jonnobleuk at gmail.com>
> Hi,
>> I've got an app that relies on Phonon heavily and i've been noticing
>> issues
>> with mediaObject.currentSource calls.
>> I have a function that is linked to mediaObject.currentSourceChanged() and
>> when it's called it retrieves info about the currentSource. However, the
>> info
>> I get rarely refers to the currentSource. It usually returns the last
>> played
>> file or nothing at all, not the actual currentSource that
>> mediaObject.currentSourceChanged() is responding to.
>> The two main functions i'm using are mediaObject.totalTime() and
>> mediaObject.fileName()
>> Is my understanding for mediaObject.currentSourceChanged() incorrect? Is
>> there
>> supposed to be a delay between this SIGNAL and reliable calls to
>> mediaObject
>> afterwards?
>> Thanks
>> Jon
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