[PyQt] PyQt4, QtSql, MVD, and encryption

David Bailey dr at baileynet.org
Sat Oct 17 14:42:15 BST 2009

Okay, I admit I'm still learning this.

Let's say I had a function rot13(data,number) and using MVD and QtSql I want
to encrypt one or more fields when they are written to disk using the
built-in SQLite engine.

Is there a method I can override, or perhaps a way to create a custom view
that would intercept all writes, and apply my rot13 function to the data
before it gets written?

I understand that this would be slow (unless using a compiled library like
pycrypto), and I understand the need to use hashes vs encryption to do
things like lookups.

My goal is to have some or all sensitive fields encrypted with some sort of
password, or better yet a password encrypted key, to protect the locally
stored data.

Sample code would be greatly appreciated.


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