[PyQt] Freezes and crashes with signal autoconnection

Christian Roche christian.roche.fr at gmail.com
Fri Oct 16 21:41:44 BST 2009

Hi again!

Phil Thompson-5 wrote:
> If you have a list of the QThread instances you can scan the list when
> finished() is received to see which one it is. There is an obvious race
> condition with that approach.

I don't know if this race condition is obvious but I'm personally unable to
identify it. Could you please kindly elaborate a bit for a multi-threading
newbie ? :-)

Phil Thompson-5 wrote:
> You could define a method in your QThread sub-class that finished() is
> connect to. That method just emits another signal but with the QThread
> instance as an argument.

I also have a hard time understanding this one. How could finished() connect
to a method in the originating thread, which by definition is supposed not
to exist anymore since it has emitted this very signal? Or is the semantics
for this signal more complex?

By the way, I applied the first approach you suggested, i.e., I use
Qt.BlockingQueuedConnection when passing arguments in signals from threads
to main, and I now have a slot that collects finished() signals, browse the
list of threads and deletes those that it finds effectively finished. The
behavior is definitely better on Linux, although not perfect, however on
Windows I still get lots of crashes with no error messages at all.
Sometimes, but not always, the application spurts some weird error messages
in the middle of the run, not right before the crash, like 

> NotImplementedError: QAbstractListModel.rowCount() is abstract and must be
> overridden
although this method is overriden of course, and works most of the time; or
(the application is using shelve):

> Traceback (most recent call last):
>   File "E:\Python\gallery\gallery\gallery.py", line 107, in data
>     return QVariant(self.getLink(index).getPixmap())
>   File "E:\Python\gallery\gallery\threads.py", line 76, in getPixmap
>     filepath = imageCache.getImageFile(self)
>   File "E:\Python\gallery\gallery\threads.py", line 148, in getImageFile
>     if self.cache.has_key(url):
>   File "E:\Programs\Python\lib\shelve.py", line 107, in has_key
>     return key in self.dict
>   File "E:\Programs\Python\lib\_abcoll.py", line 329, in __contains__
>     self[key]
>   File "E:\Programs\Python\lib\bsddb\__init__.py", line 266, in
> __getitem__
>     self._checkOpen()
> AttributeError: 'str' object has no attribute '_checkOpen'
or simply (this one arrives right before the crash):

> NotImplementedError

It all seems to be related to the ImageLink instances emitting a signal
towards a QAbstractListModel layoutChanged signal once download is complete.
I have no problem when I remove this signal (except of course that the
display does not refresh >-() However this all happens in the main thread as
far as I can tell. I'm going to try and extract a use case for that one but
I'm afraid it won't be easy. In the meantime if you could point me to a
possible likely cause I'd be very grateful!

Thanks again for your help!
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