[PyQt] Re: PyQt4 and threading

Ole Streicher ole-usenet-spam at gmx.net
Thu Oct 15 08:22:03 BST 2009

Hi Jason,

>>         item.setBrush(QtGui.Brush(QtGui.QColor(...)))

Jason H <scorp1us at yahoo.com> writes:
> GUI operations can only be done in the main thread.

Is setting the brusch of a QGraphicsRectItem a GUI operation?
And, if yes:

What is the preferred way to provide huge GUI updates without getting
the user interface unresponsible? If I would put all the 100.000
QGraphicsRectItem color changes into the main thread, it would take many
seconds to process them, and in this time no other user activity
(updates on mouse move) can be made, what is inacceptable for the user.



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