[PyQt] Dialog Window's Position Offset

Brent Villalobos Brent.Villalobos at pdi.dreamworks.com
Tue Oct 13 18:53:51 BST 2009

Thanks.  I recall reading that document a long time ago and it didn't 
"click" until now.  Unfortunately, it looks like I fall into that 
category of window managers where QWidget.pos() will just return the 
wrong value at times for certain windows.

Hans-Peter Jansen wrote:
> Am Dienstag 13 Oktober 2009 schrieb Brent Villalobos:
>> Thanks for the response Baz.  I'm trying to save a window's position
>> when I close a window.  I would think that the position recorded on my
>> last move event would be the one recorded on the window's close event.
>> The fact that it is not points to an issue either with Qt, PyQt, or my
>> window manager.  It isn't a good situation when you can't trust the
>> pos() method for a window.  Since you're getting normal results, I'm
>> starting to think that the window manager is to blame, not PyQt or Qt.
>> FYI, I am on Red Hat Enterprise Linux v5.3 with PyQt v4.4.4 and Qt v4.4.3
> Brent, you didn't mention, what you were after until now. Please run 
> assistant and search for "Window Geometry".
> Pete
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