[PyQt] Re: How to show maps in GUI and get coordinates with clicks

Antonio Valentino antonio.valentino at tiscali.it
Tue Oct 6 19:05:11 BST 2009

Il giorno Tue, 6 Oct 2009 10:22:37 -0400
"Echavarria Gregory, Maria Angelica" <m.echavarriagregory at umiami.edu>
ha scritto:

> Hugo thanks for your answer, however:
> The QGraphicsView widget and subclass for the scene were already
> created, and the main image displays good. I'm looking for help for
> getting georeferenced-display of the foreground (on top of the
> previous)... I have a collection of GeoTIFF maps (NOAA nautical
> charts, that already have the "hotspot info" Hugo talks about, as
> raster data). Last night I found QGIS, a Geographic Information
> System with GDAL and GRASS bindings for PyQt. As far as I have read,
> I can convert my code in a "plugin" for the geographic information
> attached in the geoTIFFs to be captured and manipulated - STILL
> Am I in a good track? Does someone has another idea or
> recommendation? Am I right with the usefulness of QGIS?
> Thanks,
> M. Angelica Echavarria-Gregory
> Ph.D Candidate
> University of Miami
> Phone 305 284-3611

maybe you could take a look to the marble widget


It also has python bindings.


Antonio Valentino

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