[PyQt] Mac does not pass back QIcon from data() method in a model/view

Hans-Peter Jansen hpj at urpla.net
Mon Oct 5 10:45:05 BST 2009

Am Montag 05 Oktober 2009 schrieb bvz:
> Aha, that was it. I installed the version on my Mac myself, and the Linux
> is installed by the IT dept at my company. I will just have to code
> around it.
> By the way, being new to all of this, is there someplace where I could
> have gone to figure this out myself?  Maybe first I need to understand
> what the sip is and does, and then someplace to figure out what is
> changing in the various releases?

Sure, that's called the sip ChangeLog... Kidding aside, either follow this 
list, it's pretty low volume with an unparalleled signal/noise ratio 
(nobody beats Phil in that - sometimes his signal emissions are so pure, 
that the receiver circuits immediately overmodulate) or just ask, as you 

Source code incompatible changes are pretty rare - usually, it takes a new 
Qt _version_. This time, it was due to the new Python _version_, but 
everybody agrees, that the nature of this Python 3 release was exceptional.

However, it would be cool to just start over with a new page at the PyQt 
wiki documenting those changes, you found - with the given workarounds.


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