[PyQt] Want to change multiple cells in QTableView at once in custom Model/View

Hans-Peter Jansen hpj at urpla.net
Sat Oct 3 22:45:17 BST 2009

Am Samstag 03 Oktober 2009 schrieb bvz:
> I had a version of my spreadsheet style app (in which I handled all of
> the updating of the table manually) that allowed me to set the value of
> multiple cells at once.
> (if the user selected multiple cells and entered, say, "bob" then all the
> selected cells would be updated to contain "bob".)
> I managed to do this by using a for cellIndex in self.selectedIndexes()
> loop inside a method called by the
> QTableWidget.itemChanged(QTableWidgetItem *) signal.
> Old code:
> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>         self.blockSignals(True)
>         value = cell.text()
>         dataType = cell.dataType
>         for cellIndex in self.selectedIndexes():
>             currentCell = self.item(cellIndex.row(), cellIndex.column())
>             if currentCell.dataType == dataType: # Only update cells of
> the same data type
>                 currentCell.update_parameter_object(value)
>         self.blockSignals(False)
> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> Now I have it all set up to use the model/view system and it is all much
> better.  Except that I can't seem to figure out how to mimic that one
> feature.  The data() method that I reimplemented in the model only
> receives the index of the currently selected cell.  Is there any way of
> finding out in the model which cells are selected in the view? 

That sounds, like you're after self.selectionModel()...


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