[PyQt] Looking for QtGui.QMacCocoaViewContainer in PyQt 4.6.0

Sjoerd Op 't Land sjoerd at intercue.nl
Sat Oct 3 22:41:33 BST 2009

Hello all,

I'm trying to use GStreamer in combination with Qt on Mac. I would  
like to use GStreamer directly on all platforms, because I need  
advanced GStreamer functionality (which is not supplied by Phonon).

My first goal is to display video in a Qt window. Although I do not  
understand all of it, it seems that GStreamer works with Cocoa (it  
gives me an NSView that I should attach to an NSWindow), whereas Qt  
works with Carbon. It seems that QtGui.QMacCocoaViewContainer could  

Unfortunately, this method seems not to be included by PyQt (I cannot  
find it on this page):

I have installed PyQt from MacPorts, the version is py26-pyqt4 @4.6_0.  
Should I install it from source and configure it (SIP?) in a special  
way? Or should I not expect this method to be included? Am I  
overlooking something else?

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestion,
Sjoerd Op 't Land

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