[PyQt] QMap and unsigned int

Oliver Heyme olihey at googlemail.com
Fri Nov 27 09:08:36 GMT 2009


I am using (on Windows with Qt 4.6_rc) the latest versions of sip and PyQt4.

I having some trouble with the QMap.
On of my classes has the following method:

const QMap<unsigned int,QColor>* materialList() const;

When I am using this in the sip-file for the class I get the error:

sip: LBBApplication::materialList() unsupported function return type -
provide %MethodCode and a C++ signature

Weird thing is, if I change the "unsigned int" to "int" it works like a charm.
My question is, is there a reason it fails when using "unsigned int"
or do I have to do something else?


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