[PyQt] need drawing application demo

Mitchell Model mmodel at gen9bio.com
Thu Nov 19 14:14:08 GMT 2009

I am just starting to do serious work with PyQt, having used many  
other GUI/widget toolkits over the years. The rich collection of demos  
and examples included in the installation -- apparently a large subset  
of the ones in the Qt installation -- is impressive and very helpful.  
I am surprised, however, by the absence of what to me is the canonical  
demonstration, and one that I often program as my first exercise in a  
new toolkit: a small drawing program. The program should offer a  
palette of shapes (including lines), with the ability to place, move,  
resize, delete, and duplicate a shape. Optional features like  
specifying the color or size of the border and the color of the fill  
are good too. Grouping, locking, anchoring lines to shapes, and Undo/ 
Redo/History would be even better.

Surely a demo like this exists somewhere? Could someone point me to  
one? (I am aware of the Diagram Scene example. It has some of what I  
am looking for, but apparently no way to resize shapes using the  
standard maneuver of grabbing a handle or corner and dragging).

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