[PyQt] Bug in pyuic4 when used with python 3.1

Ravi Kumar rks.039.programming at gmail.com
Wed Nov 18 11:08:44 GMT 2009

I have discovered a bug in pyuic4.

Versions :
os        : ubuntu linux 9.10 (Karmic Koala)
python : 3.1
qt         : 4.5.3
pyqt     : 4.6.1
sip       : 4.9.1

I have installed both Qt and PyQt via downloading sources and compiling it

Bug Description :
Any MainWindow created via designer which contains a toolbar, failes to
compile to python code via pyuic4.

Steps to reproduce this bug :
1. Open Designer, create a MainWindow
2. Add a toolbar to it
3. Save the .ui file.
4. Invoke pyuic4 on it, with -d option

It will show a python exception at line:240 in
It says that 'basestring' doesnt exist.

Indeed, in Python-3.1 there is no such type as 'basestring'.
Changing 'basestring' to just 'str' seems to fix this for me.
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