[PyQt] Garbage collection, signals to partial functions

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Tue Nov 17 19:39:28 GMT 2009

On 17.11.09 19:07:48, Martin Teichmann wrote:
> Hi,
> > If I see things correctly, you misunderstood Phil. You're supposed to do
> > the check in a timer-called-function, not the initialization. That is all
> > this code:
> >> [ code deleted ]]
> >
> > Should be in a slot connected to a timer.
> It is. That's what the line

Yes, but its still done at the same time all the "cleanup" stuff is
done. What Phil means is that you should do the signal-stuff and the
part about "cleaning this up" in init() and only then schedule a timer
that checks wether the cleanup was done properly. Because the cleaning
up is only finished once the eventloop is run once (which happens after
returning from the init() function only.


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