[PyQt] QTreeWidget qnd QPaintEngine error

NARCISO, Rui RUI.NARCISO at airbus.com
Tue Nov 17 13:59:18 GMT 2009


Having browsed through the PyQt and Qt mailing lists without finding a clear answer I'll ask my question here.

I have a QTreeWidget which is populate with several hundred nodes.

At the press of a button a loop is executed on all of the nodes whereby a child node is createt and a request is put in a queue which is in a separate thread.

This worker thread will do it's work and send a signal per item with a color to assign to each child item.

My problem is that:
 - given the high number of nodes
 - given the "sometimes" quick execution of the work on the worker thread
I have the situation whereby I am trying to set the color of a child node at the same time that I'm adding a new node.

I then get a 
	QPaintEngine::setSystemClip: Should not be changed while engine is active
	QWidgetPrivate::beginSharedPainter: Painter is already active
	QPainter::begin: A paint device can only be painted by one painter at a time.

I've tried testing for self.tree.paintingActive() before setting the color of my QTreeWidgetItem but it never returns any value. (self.tree being my QTreeWidget).
I even tried self.paintingActive() (being self my QMainWindow) with the same result.

So my questions are:
 - does anyone know out the top of one's head (wihout looking at the code) where the problem can come from?
 - can anyone see a concept error on mmy approach?

Thanks for the theoretical answer to my conceptual error


PS: I don't send a code to show the error cause I'd take me forever to try to reproduce this error given the intricated design I have .... sorry!!!


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