[PyQt] Updates to sipdistutils.py

Giovanni Bajo rasky at develer.com
Fri Nov 13 19:53:34 GMT 2009

Hi Phil,

please find attached an improved sipdistutils.py, and the diff against
current version for reference.


 * Added command line option to pass arguments to sip. Now you can for
instance do: "python setup.py build --sip-opts='-e'" to activate
exceptions. Or you can put the "sip-opts='-e'" in a local distutils.cfg
file in your source directory.

 * Fixed invocation of sip.exe under Windows. I still maintain that
siputils.py should put the full pathname of sip, including extension,
under the "sip_bin" in the configuration, but a quick workaround is
needed anyway to make sipdistutils work with all versions of sip.

 * Consider the sip binary checksum as an implicit dependency for build.
This is very useful when switching between different sip versions,
because everything is automatically recompiled.

Coming up:

 * As discussed some months ago, I plan to add an option to sip itself
to printf() any .sip file it opens. I will then use a dry-run with this
option to automatically discover dependencies so to rebuild whenever
necessary. This would be a strong improvement over the current state
where one must manually list all sip files (theoretically, of all
imported modules as well) in the setup.py.

Giovanni Bajo
Develer S.r.l.

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