[PyQt] Re: Global Shorcuts

Manuel Enrique megutierrez at estudiantes.uci.cu
Wed Nov 4 14:41:09 GMT 2009

On Wednesday 04 November 2009 04:58:27 am Hans-Peter Jansen wrote:
> Manuel, does this work for you? I guess you're after global desktop
> shortcuts, often combined with a systray app, similar to klipper and kding.
> I haven't checked PyQt4 yet, but for PyQt3 it indeed involved in speaking
> to the window manager directly, which is highly unportable, and depending
> on discretion of the various WMs :-(...
> PyKDE may be helpful here, but for my app, I needed reliable global
> (desktop) shortcuts _without_ depending on PyKDE, so it does depend on
> ctypes now. Be assured, that unlike PyQt, Xlib programming with ctypes
> isn't funny at all (highly understating)..
> Let us know about your findings,
> Pete

Exactly Pete, thats what I'm looking for: portable Global Desktop Shorcuts.
I'll post here anything I find.


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