[PyQt] Strange mouse event and drag/drop behaviour in QGraphicsItem

Stefan Larsson lastsys at gmail.com
Tue Nov 3 15:25:38 GMT 2009

Referring to:

> Windows does not get the drag events until the mouse is actually moved.
> Question 2: How should the inconsistency in drag events be handled?

I just want to share that I found a description of the differences
between Linux/OSX and Windows in the documentation for QDrag:

"Note: On Linux and Mac OS X, the drag and drop operation can take
some time, but this function does not block the event loop. Other
events are still delivered to the application while the operation is
performed. On Windows, the Qt event loop is blocked while during the

So, the solution was to implement similar functionality on my own to
get the desired behaviour. Joy!

/Stefan Larsson

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