[PyQt] postgresql

Damien Elmes resolve at ichi2.net
Thu Mar 19 03:30:49 GMT 2009

>> So an alternative would be to reimplement the Qsql classes using
>> based on the Python DBAPI protocol, but maybe the cost/benefit ratio
>> for that is too high?
> I'd say far to high. Qt has it own philosophy with databases, if you want
> snappy grids, and automatic updates and all that stuff, i'd suggest to stick
> to PyQt4 cplusplus-ish way of dealing with data. It's not pythoninc but it
> works quite well. I must admit ORM's are much more nice to work with, but SQL
> is not so bad.

You don't need to use Qt's SQL support for snappy grids and automatic
updates. Qt's model/view architecture is quite flexible and I achieve
very good performance with sqlalchemy (bypassing the ORM) and a custom
table model. It wasn't hard to write, either - but it is more work
than using Qt's premade SQL model.

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