[PyQt] Mac QMenuBar localization issues

Hans-Peter Jansen hpj at urpla.net
Sun Jun 28 17:51:07 BST 2009

Dear Mac-attending audience,

after learning, how to get my application name into the Mac menu bar, I'm 
stuck again: did anybody of you succeed in localization of the special Mac 
menu actions, that (should) get magically moved into the Mac Application 
menu? (E.g. About App, About Qt, Preferences, Quit)

In the fine docs, I found the note, that those menu items have to be 
translated in QMenuBar context. Hmm, since we usually add QActions to menu 
bars, I didn't grasp, how this translates to proper PyQt code.

In my QAction invocation, I did something like:
	QtGui.QMenuBar.tr(self.cfg.mac and QtGui.QMenuBar() or
                          self.menuBar(), "About %1").arg(self.cfg.app)

but that simply fails to translate that menu item. 

BTW: the condition above is due to the other note about using a parentless 
QMenuBar on the Mac, while this leads to crashes on my (KDE3-based) Linux 

Experiments with 

	QtGui.QApplication.translate("QMenuBar", ..) 

didn't succeed as well. 

Consequently, the magic movement of menu entries failed, too, but I was able 
to workaround _this_ issue with setting explicite menu roles for those 
items. Now I would like to have them translated as well.

If some kind soul, who solved this issue already, can give some hints, I 
would be truly grateful.


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