[PyQt] Re: py2app generates huge files (200MB)

Mitar mmitar at gmail.com
Sat Jun 27 14:32:42 BST 2009


Those are clean-up commands I am using to clean-up a bundle of
unnecessary Qt files (I am manually making a bundle and I do not build
Qt4 as a framework):

rm -rf ./Contents/Resources/Qt4/bin/
rm -rf ./Contents/Resources/Qt4/demos/
rm -rf ./Contents/Resources/Qt4/doc/
rm -rf ./Contents/Resources/Qt4/examples/
rm -rf ./Contents/Resources/Qt4/include/
rm -rf ./Contents/Resources/Qt4/mkspecs/

find ./Contents/Resources/Qt4/lib/ -name '*_debug*' -delete
find ./Contents/Resources/Qt4/plugins/ -name '*_debug*' -delete

find ./Contents/Resources/Qt4/ -name Headers -exec rm -rf {} ';'

rm -rf ./Contents/Resources/Qt4/lib/pkgconfig/
find ./Contents/Resources/Qt4/lib/ -name '*.la' -delete
find ./Contents/Resources/Qt4/lib/ -name '*.a' -delete
find ./Contents/Resources/Qt4/lib/ -name '*.prl' -delete


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