[PyQt] qtdirs.app can't load QtCore

Dave Peterson dpeterson at enthought.com
Thu Jun 25 23:15:56 BST 2009

Phil Thompson wrote:
> They shouldn't make a difference - they are present in my standard
> self-built version.

Okay, thanks for reminding me of a better way to compare 
apples-to-apples. :-)

> To build Qt...
> ./configure -prefix $HOME/qt-4.5.2
> make
> make install
> To build PyQt...
> python configure.py -q $HOME/qt-4.5.2/bin/qmake
> That should give you a working PyQt and you can compare properly.

Will PyQt 4.5.1 build against Qt 4.5.2?  I thought I ran into version 
mismatches when they weren't the same previously, though that may have 
been when I mistakenly download a higher version PyQt than the Qt I had.

-- Dave

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