[PyQt] qtdirs.app can't load QtCore

Dave Peterson dpeterson at enthought.com
Thu Jun 25 22:47:56 BST 2009

Dave Peterson wrote:
>> You could try running qmake manually on the qtdirs.pro file that
>> configure.py will have left lying around, and then run make, and then 
>> the
>> qtdirs it produces.  If it fails to run then it's a problem with your Qt
>> build.
> Yup, I actually already tried that so I could play around with various 
> options.  I've looked through the generated qtdirs.mk to look for 
> anything wrong there, but not found anything. :-(   I've also tried 
> manually running the various g++ compilation commands to build qtdirs 
> so I could play with the option flags there too.  Nothing I've tried 
> seems to have any effect on this issue. :-(

So perhaps the issue is simply that I didn't know what to look for in 
the qtdirs.mk?  As a better check, I just tried diff'ing a qtdirs.mk 
from my custom-built Qt install versus one from the official binary 
install.  For the most part the only differences are in the paths to the 
various Qt installed bits.  However, I've noted the following which 
looks super relevant. I just don't know how this stuff gets generated so 
I'm not sure how to go about debugging / fixing it.   Any advice?

In the qtdirs.mk done against my custom-built Qt install, the INCPATH 
definition on line 16 includes a 
whereas the one generated from the official Qt 4.5.1 install has 
"-I/Library/Frameworks/QtCore.framework/Versions/4/Headers" in the same 

BTW: The qtdirs.pro files are exactly the same across the two different 

BTW: a "qmake -query" from each environment shows what looks like the 
right paths, but again I may be confused about what they should be.   
 From the official Qt binary install, the QT_INSTALL_LIBS output is 
"/Library/Frameworks" which I note only contains the Qt frameworks.  But 
in my custom-built Qt environment, QT_INSTALL_LIBS points at 
".../EGG_INFO/usr/lib" which contains both the Qt framework bundles, 
plus a number of *.la files (one per framework bundle) and a few 
libQtCLucene*.dylib and associated libQtCLucene.(la | prl) files.  Is it 
possible that these .la files or the mixing of frameworks and dylibs is 
causing the difference in behavior?   I'll try deleting them now.

-- Dave

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