[PyQt] What about qtbrowserplugin?

David Boddie david at boddie.org.uk
Sun Jun 21 02:34:03 BST 2009

On Sat, 20 Jun 2009 18:07:40 +0200, David Boddie wrote:

> I would implement qtns_instantiate() to return an instance of a QtNPFactory
> subclass written in Python. This subclass would do what the QtNPClassList
> implementation would do in a C++ plugin - this subclass is made using the
> QTNPFACTORY_BEGIN() macro in C++.
> The qtns_instantiate() function will also need to initialize the Python
> interpreter.

Just to follow up on this, I put together a set of bindings and a plugin
based on the Qt Designer plugin supplied with PyQt. I've put my additions
in a Mercurial repository:


You will need to obtain the original Open Source version of the Browser
Plugin Qt Solution and copy the directories from the repository into it.
Then it should be possible to enter the python directory and run the
configure.py script to build a plugin and bindings.

At the moment it's hard-wired for Mozilla-based browsers on Unix/Linux,
so you will need to copy the libpyqtbrowserplugin.so and the plugins from
the examples/python directory into your $HOME/.mozilla/plugins directory.
You also need to make sure that the QtBrowserPlugin.so library is on your
Python path when you run Firefox.

Good luck!


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