[PyQt] Page setup for printer defaults

Robert Norman tfcrobert at gmail.com
Thu Jun 18 17:14:52 BST 2009

Hello PyQt group,

My application uses a Brother label printer to spit out labels. I'd like 
to do a "Page Setup", say in my preferences dialog and then save the 
printer information in a settings so that we don't have to go through a 
print dialog.
Currently I go through the print dialog once then use the resulting 
QPrinter for subsequent print operations and that works fine. I can 
assign the printer name to QPrinter so that it at least defaults to the 
correct printer, but I'm having trouble figuring out how to set the 
appropriate variables to match the printer to the specific label size. 

Specifically, in the print dialog, I use the properties dialog to select 
the label size. On return I can examine things like pageSize, pageRect, 
paperSize, paperRect but I can't seem to set pageSize and can't find 
methods for setting the  page or paper Rect.

For example, after the print dialog, pageSize returns 30 but 
setPageSize(30) causes an invalid  type error since it expects a 
QPrinter.PageSize enum value.  

1) How would you go about doing a PageSetup dialog, not Print Dialog, to 
both select a printer and it's default properties.
2) What needs to be saved and how can I restore the relevant properties.

I'm used to working through these issues myself, an often find that once 
the question is asked, the answer seems to come on it's own, but this 
time I'm stuck.


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