[PyQt] Problem with Qt.QTest.mouseClick

Brent Villalobos Brent.Villalobos at pdi.dreamworks.com
Wed Jun 17 19:09:00 BST 2009

I am having issues getting Qt.QTest.mouseClick() working in some tests I 
wrote.  This test fails:

def testFixBug(self):
        # Trying to figure out why my mouse click isn't being recognized.
        checkBox = QtGui.QCheckBox(self.view)
        self.assertEqual(checkBox.checkState(), QtCore.Qt.Unchecked)
        Qt.QTest.mouseClick(checkBox, QtCore.Qt.LeftButton)
        self.assertEqual(checkBox.checkState(), QtCore.Qt.Checked)

However, changing "Qt.QTest.mouseClick(checkBox, QtCore.Qt.LeftButton)" 
to "checkBox.click()" works.  I'm confused because I know I've used the 
Qt.QTest.mouseClick() method in other tests in the past and it worked.  
That was a while ago and perhaps I'm doing something differently now or 
I forgot some important caveat.  Anyone have any suggestions on why 
Qt.QTest.mouseClick() might not work?  Thanks.

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