[PyQt] RE: PyQt newbie needs some help with a small report designer program

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Subject: Re: [PyQt] RE: PyQt newbie needs some help with a small report designer program
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On Thu Jun 11 01:22:05 BST 2009, Lee wrote:

>> >You call its setBackgroundRole() method in its paintEvent()
>> > implementation. This appears to cause another paint event to be sent to
>> > the Resizer object, so you just keep receiving paint events.
>> Ok, I think that makes sense.  Removing does fix the issue.

>You can call setBackgroundRole() in the widget's __init__() method if you

That's actually where i moved it...

>> If the resizing of the page header pushes the lower band(s) past the
>> viewable area of the child window, I want the scroll bar to come up and
>> allow me to scroll down to make that part visible. (This last part seems to
>> be working.)

>So, if I've understood correctly, you want a window containing a vertical
>arrangement of bands, each of which can be resized.

>When a band is resized, the total amount of space taken up by the bands
>changes, but the size of the window itself doesn't change, so what you
>really want is a viewport onto a canvas or widget containing the bands.

I've been thinking more along the lines of a widget containing the bands.  That's the direction I think I'll go.  I haven't had any time to start trying things in code yet though.  

>> I hope this all makes sense.

>I think so.

:)  Yep, I think you got it... 

>> My reasons for doing this is I find that every now and then I have the need
>> for a very lightweight reporting component in python.  Also, I have been
>> wanting to learn Qt, so I figured I would tackle both at the same time.

>I think having a project you want to build is probably the best way to
>learn something. This might be a bit of a tricky starting project because
>I'm not sure that QSplitter can do what you want out of the box.

>My initial idea was to put a QSplitter into a QScrollArea and add widgets
>to it, but that doesn't work as desired because QSplitter always tries to
>reduce the space taken up by one widget when you increase the size of


Yeah, seems a bit ambition straight off, but that's ok, I don't have any other personal projects to work on at the moment, so this will keep me honest for a while.

Thanks for you comments,

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