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IT it at geolab.org.uk
Sat Jun 13 00:24:27 BST 2009

I'm on the irc.freenode.net#pyqt channel and as a maturing pyqt newbie 
its been extremly + very helpful.

However the IRC.freenode.net#pyqt experience could be better. For 
example with a BOT than can direct to the manual.

Fortunately I have a bot available, which I am using for other purposes, 
however it would be very easily adapt to the #pyqt channel as it is by 

The bot is currently in action for example on the #smarty channel  which 
is a php templating engine Its sole purpose is that it can point to 
manual entries eg.. .. the bot here is triggered by !smarty

[23:39] <foobar> can i add some extra code to {$profile.comment} to 
limit the amount of characters to display (shorten version of main comment)
[23:46] <p_masho> !smarty truncate
[23:46] <smartyBot> truncate 

[23:51] <p_masho> !smarty assign
[23:51] <smartyBot> Entries: assign(), assign_by_ref(), 
clear_all_assign(), clear_assign(), {assign}
[23:51] <p_masho> !smarty {ass
[23:51] <smartyBot> {assign} 
[23:52] <p_masho> !pyqt

The bot is written in.. (ahem..ducks)., php and its easy to knock up a 
module.. as a !pyqtBot

So All thats needed is

1) A list of all the pyqt class in one line column in a file

and then the bot will
[00] <webMonkey>How do I store setting with pyqt
[01] <guruApe> !pyqt qsettings
[02] <PyQtBot> 

get the drift

sorry if it a mad idea

pete ;-))

source is at

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