[PyQt] Tutorials - making standalone apps on Windows and OS X from PyQt4 apps.

Scott Frankel frankel at circlesfx.com
Thu Jun 11 18:09:13 BST 2009

Thanks for sharing the tutorial.  In my case, it's quite timely.

Would you have any suggestions for including sqldriver support in an  
py2app project?  I still have not gotten that to work and haven't  
found relevant info in my searches.  (Reference my email to the list:   
"QPSQL and py2app" on 2009-09-09.)


 > What's the best way to declare sqldrivers in a py2app setup.py file?

 > I'm in the throes of building my app for OSX, using py2ap for the  
first time.  One of the issues I'm still facing is how to include  
PostgreSQL support and the QPSQL driver in the build process.  I'm  
building using tools and libraries from MacPorts, (python25) which  
doesn't appear to have installed sqldrivers.

 > Does libqsqlpsql.dylib (which I have in my development downloads)  
need to be copied to the app bundle manually?  If so, to where?

 > My setup.py file is attached.

 > I've found numerous hits on how to build PyQt apps using py2app,  
but none illustrate including db support files.

On Jun 10, 2009, at 3:32 AM, piotr maliński wrote:

> I've made two how-tos describing about building (and  
> troubleshooting) standalone apps from PyQt4 scripts on Mac OS X and  
> MS WIndows.
> English version:
> http://www.rkblog.rk.edu.pl/w/p/building-standalone-ms-windows-apps-py2exe/
> http://www.rkblog.rk.edu.pl/w/p/building-mac-os-x-applications-py2app/
> Polish version:
> http://www.python.rk.edu.pl/w/p/budowanie-binarnych-aplikacji-mac-os-x-za-pomoca-py2app/
> http://www.python.rk.edu.pl/w/p/budowanie-binarnych-paczek-aplikacji-pyqt4-pod-ms-windows/
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