[PyQt] QGraphicsScene addLine, addRect draw order scrambled in PyQt 4.4.4 on mac ?

denis denis-bz-py at t-online.de
Mon Jun 8 16:02:52 BST 2009

  drawing some little addRects, then some long addLines in a QGraphicsScene,
some of the rects hide some of the lines,
as though the update order of rects / lines got scrambled.
One picture ... the 90 and 120 degree lines in a white star
over rects are hidden completely,
the horizontal line shows up in 2 of a dozen rects
    # white star --
    for d in map( radians, range( 0, 180, 30 )):
        c, s = cos(d) * w/2, sin(d) * w/2
        qcanvas.line( -c, -s, c, s, color="white" )

Before trying this in C or playing versionitis,
has anyone has done this on a mac  with these versions ?
  macosx 10.4.11, ppc, GEForce2 mx

Thanks, cheers
  -- denis

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