[PyQt] QSettings.registerFormat unavailable in PyQt4?

Nate Reid nreid at imagemoversdigital.com
Thu Jun 4 22:06:18 BST 2009

Thanks Phil... is there a list of unsupported functions/non-implementable Qt functions.  I know there's a general 'this is how PyQt differs from Qt' page, but considering the PyQt docs are converted from the Qt docs, it is confusing when certain functions do not exist when they're documented as such.

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On Thu, 4 Jun 2009 13:00:23 -0700, Nate Reid <nreid at imagemoversdigital.com>
> According to QT's docs, this function has been available since Qt 4.1. 
> Python 2.5.4 on Windows32, and am using PyQt 4.4.3 built against Qt
> and this function is not available in the QtCore.QSettings class.

It can't be wrapped because of the nature of the function pointer arguments
- bad API design.


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